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11 November 2020
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The Professional Speaker School™


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The Professional Speaker School™

A Jessen James signature Program – 3 Days of World Class Professional Public Speaker Training where you will learn the exact blueprint of how to present with impact and influence whether you are on a stage, on a webinar, in a boardroom or even in a face to face, one to one meeting.

More importantly, at this 3 day intensive workshop you will learn the art of “Speaking to Sell” so you can generate more revenue into your business or organisation. As this is an interactive workshop you will be expected to present and speak to a live audience over the 3 days.

7 Times Award Winning International Speaker Jessen James will guide you through the exact blueprint that has helped him generate Multiple 7 Figure Revenues into his businesses as well as those of his students.

Who is it for?

  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Self-Employed Service Based Entrepreneurs i.e. Consultants, coaches, mentors, authors, existing speakers, network marketers, tutors, lecturers, teachers etc.
  • Business Managers
  • Senior Business Leaders
  • Start Up Companies and Businesses
  • Sales Employees or Managers

Who is it not for?

  • Anyone who does not have an open mind
  • Anyone who thinks they do not need help and are not coachable
  • Anyone who has no intention of applying the knowledge gained afterwards
  • Anyone who does not finish what they start

Course Description/Outcomes:

Day 1 – You will learn the difference between Speaking to “Teach” and Speaking to “Sell” as well as how to use these two powerful strategies to your advantage. You will also create your very own Intellectual Property which will become the foundation of your presentations and finally you will create your Expert Positioning Story which will position you as an Authority in your field and influence others to do business with you.

Day 2 – How to eliminate the fear of public speaking, manage your state like a true professional and speak effectively without the use of notes or having to remember what to say. You will also learn how to engage your audience within the first 30 seconds of your presentation and further build upon this in the following few minutes to ensure they are really interested in your entire presentation. Finally you will learn how to Speak to Teach your content to an audience that will make it easy for them to remember and retain.

Day 3 – Final Presentations day! You will deliver a 25 minute long presentation without the use of notes to a live audience and receive live feedback from our Speaker Mentors and Coaches. For the final part of the day you will learn how to sell products and services from the stage (or any platform you wish) and craft a sales pitch which suits your character, personality and your audience. Jessen will unpack, live in front of you exactly how he generated over £100,000 of sales in a single 90 minute presentation.

Course Investment: £1997 + VAT

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